The Rebirth of a Goddess

The Rebirth of a Goddess


Get in touch with the Maiden archetype as we clear and rebirth from our own power. Tapping into the pure/young energy that resides within… the one that allows us to create in alignment with the heartbeat of the Universe, a sound felt rather than heard.

Awaken the sublime Sanctuary that lives within, the Goddess that connects us with something greater, something that exists outside of time… eternity. And rediscover and remember that you are a deity, let your inner feminine wisdom and dynamic beauty to rise.


Zal from Wise Roots Living, Sarah from Be Generation Love, and Mary from Moonlight Wisdom will prepare you to welcome the Fertile (Spring) Season empowered and replenished:

  • Clear & Access your Womb’s Magic

  • Sacred Dynamics to connect with your deepest emotions and memories

  • Sound Bath Healing

  • Guided Meditations

  • Herbal Medicine + Acupressure

  • Sisterhood + Goddess Blessings

  • Full Moon Rituals

  • Womb Healing

  • Special gifts to all our Goddesses

  • Aromatherapy

Friday 22nd | 6:45pm at 253 NE 99st. Miami Shores 33138

*Feel free to bring your Crystals and Flowers.

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