What do you hold in the walls of your Inner Sanctum?

What do you hold in the walls of your Inner Sanctum?


“I call out those who violated the sanctity that is me. I cast out the energies that bind me. I am digging out every bit of those who have burrowed in the walls of my holiest of holies, and I am slathering a healing salve on the raw places left empty by these monster’s absence.” - D. Dulsky

Join us this Thur 25th in our 7th Sanctuary of the Womb for a Moon Cleanse.

We will let go of inner taboos and unnecessary emotional and physical clutter as we call out whoever and whatever has violated our sanctity. Prepare to replenish yourself and your sacred womb as we find our true self and preserve our ancient ways of sisterhood and healing.

We like to go deep and do our work, and for that reason we are only opening this space for 17 Goddesses. The Universe has already chosen our circle, if you feel the call, don’t ignore it.

Ticket includes:

  • Herbal Potions

  • Sacred Dynamics to connect with your deepest emotions and memories

  • Collective Reiki

  • Sound Bath

  • Womb Healing

  • Moon Rituals + Ancient Sisterhood Blessings

  • Breathwork

  • Guided Meditation

  • A Raffle

Guided by Zal, Mary Gamarra and Ana Bolena

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