Bonita Spell Face Scrub + Mask

Bonita Spell Face Scrub + Mask


Calling in all the mystical powers of Volcanic lands; this face scrub, mask and cleanser will not only remove all blackheads but also revitalize you skin as you shred what is no longer needed.

In a energetic level, some of the benefits that Bonita Spell holds is due to having Black Tourmaline stone, which is a highly protective crystal against negative energies; sage to enhance intuition and increase brain function and the spirits of Marjoram which are al about love, joy and happiness.

In a physical level this scrub and mask is extremely anti-aging and clearing. Beet Roots are high in antioxidants, what will help your skin stay young and keep its elasticity. Coenzyme Q10, benefits stressed skin by causing a reduction of free radicals and an increment in antioxidant capacity. Aloe Vera, Honey, and Vitamin E will feed and nourish your skin with all their healing magic, while Safflowers and Red Alaea Salt serve to detoxify, remove dirt and treat skin unbalances such as eczema, psoriasis and acne.


Aloe Vera, Beet Root, Black Tourmaline, Coenzyme Q10, Hawaiian Red Alaea Salt, Himalayan Sea Salt, Safflower, Almond Castile Soap, Honey, Vitamin E, Marjoram , Sage, Ylang Ylang


Twice a week, with the face already wet with warm water, first take a deep breath and begin your #WiseRituals...

Place a small amount (size of a quarter) in the your fingers. Apply this face scrub making circular movements across the face while enjoying the relaxing aroma of this natural exfoliant. Massage throughout the face for 1 minute ( if you find bigger pieces of Red Salt that are you harsh for you, just toss them and continue to exfoliate). After you are done exfoliating your skin, leave the Bonita Spell on as a mask for 5m. Rinse with cold water and let your face air dry or pat with a clean towel. Apply Bruja Blessing Face Serum or Caribeña Glow Face Moisturizer after your skin is dry.


Sunshine & Moonshine usage.

Please discontinue using this product after 7 months of receiving it.

For External Use Only. Click here for additional information on how to properly use and enhance your products shelf life.

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