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Galore Mag

... We consider Wise Roots Living a holistic skincare brand, because the beauty of natural healing doesn’t just target one specific problem. It balances you as a whole so you can treat the root of the problem.

Our products are extremely healing and balancing, which is what makes them perfect for any skin type. If you have oily skin, there is no need to use harsh ingredients that will dehydrate your skin and what will cause your skin to create extra sebum.



Top 5 Beauty Tips


Zal is an artist, an entrepreneur, a model, a wife, and a healer by nature. She spent four years building, testing, and last year finally launched Wise Roots Living. A Pure and Holistic Skincare brand. I sat down with her for a Couch Conversation and got what I like to call a good ole fashion KD (knowledge drop). Here are some of the key takeaways:

Numero uno: Oil is your friend.

Yup. Apparently, we’ve been lied to. According to Zal all of the oil stripping products on the market are actually wreaking havoc on our skin. 


IN Magazine Puerto Rico

Con una filosofía que nos remonta a nuestras raíces, la unión de dos mujeres Caribeñas logró demostrar que la Madre Naturaleza puede ofrecer una purificación completa por dentro y por fuera.

Su primera colección #BareBasics, reconstruye y balancea la producción natural de los aceites que ya se encuentran en el cuerpo. Eso y la pureza de los ingredientes, permiten que los productos sean adecuados para todo tipo de piel.



Karla with a K

Taking care of our bodies and treating ourselves to some self-love should always come first. You guys know I am always looking for the best skincare products for my face and I have found the most amazing all natural, pure and holistic, skincare line!

I’ve been using them for about a week now and have to say I’m so impressed with the results. It makes me really happy to find products that not only work wonders but also that show us that nature contains so much of what we need.