Zal Pasztor

Be Your Own Healer 

Zaliris Pasztor

I am the third generation of intuitive healers line of Dominican women who believed in the connection with Nature, the Energy we are capable of transmitting, and the Wisdom of our body.

After conversations with my mother in law, I was inspired to rekindle my own healing abilities through a homemade project which kept true to our divine connection with Mother Nature. It was in my kitchen where Wise Roots Living was born.

My main motivation when creating these skin potions was to bring awareness, especially to women and the importance of keeping our womb pure and free of toxins, so we avoid and heal reproductive system illnesses.

After five years of sharing my magic with friends and holding circles for womb healing and wisdom; I decided to create a line of self-care wise rituals made with intuitive recipes and in small batches to ensure truly natural ingredients.

Believing entirely in the importance of one’s own roots, I draw inspiration from the beauty and mystical power of the Caribbean woman so you can feel like the embodiment of a goddess or mermaid every time you apply your favorite product. 

The energy, aromatherapy, and textures of Wise Roots products are reminiscent of the mild sweetness of a warm Caribbean night. Free of chemicals and infused with ancient remedies for relaxation, you can be at ease knowing the wisdom and natural balance of your skin won’t be disturbed but encourage to heal naturally.

I believe in empathy and synergy, what makes all my potions, practices, and work to be focused on finding that inner connection not only with the divine but with your environment, community, and, most importantly Nature.