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How to start my day happy?

By Ginger:

Beauty is more than a perception. It's easy to work on the outside but how can we do more; how can we focus on the inside?


Having a morning ritual that is dedicated to you is vital in today's world. Having the chance to tap into a primitive energy that provides the base of a positive self-image is critical for our standard of living. Once the alarm goes off we're pressed into motion to get our day going. Taking just a little time to slow down, to focus will set the intentions for your day. With your own ritual of self-care, you will bring awareness and consistency to your day.

Products, styles, and the choices we make every day define us. Push yourself to go further. Why not find a deeper root, one that is actually created for you. Wise Root Living is that. Created with intention, created to mean and be more. Using ingredients we can all tap into to find our meaning. This is where growth happens.

Most wake up and start the kurig, which is a good first step. What ensues after that? Add a little something more. Light a candle or some incense to get your favorite scent in the air.


When you change the environment through a sense you're creating your space. This is sacred and helps keep you whole. Take some time to just focus on you. Think about your intentions today. All demands on hold. Where are you? I like to wash my face with Diosa Rituals then sit in my favorite chair and watch outside for awhile. Splash my Mist of Gaia and breath in the power of its aromatherapy. Then use Caribeña Glow moisturizer and seek a calm demeanor. 30 minutes of process time can change the whole tone to the day. This is where self-care begins. Conscious action combined with consciously taking the time for your core needs.

Frankincense is a sacred scent and oil. It relieves stress and inflammation. My anxiety starts when I'm waking up and trying to organize my day.


The scent instantly relaxes me. Rose is packed full of antioxidants, is an anti-strident and antiseptic which in the most simplest terms saves my oily skin from breakouts. But it's more than that. When I start my ritual rose has ties to positive self-image. It's beauty that can bite back through thorns. It's knowing I choose what's best for me through conscious choices.

This is just one way to take a step back. Given the way this world has evolved and moved towards mass production of what we want; there's so much beauty in what we need. Our environment provides so much for us. By turning back to the essence of natural ingredients we pull the energy from Gaia. Find our roots and use that to turn our focus inward. Starting a ritual is one step. Using natural ingredients adds the next layer. Wisdom comes from being awaken to what and how you're doing something. When it's natural products used in your self-created sacred space the focus and intent are all on you. You awaken your inner beauty. Your body isn't processing any filler agents that it doesn't naturally recognize. That is healthy. Let Gaia nurture your soul. That is being whole. Educating yourself grows Wise Roots.