Vibration & Ritual of the New Moon in Gemini

Get out of your head and into your heart!

- By: Mission 11 11


New Moon in Gemini Ritual

We start communicating better with ourselves. You will attract scenarios into your life to awaken you. And this is happening FOR YOU NOT TO YOU, they are meant to shake you to wake you up from the slumber of willfully staying asleep, and really cleaning it all out. This energy will help us take those giant leaps necessary for you to continue growing deeper into your real self. It gives us the extra surge of energy helping us get out of our ego. Rational mind and start listening our hearts, which will translate into us hearing yourselves in a new way. No more being asleep. Because of this you will begin not to keep quiet,  no more being in denial, or tell yourselves somethings right when its wrong.  No more ego tantrums when we do not get the love we want from others… Its like taking a giant leap into spiritual adulthood, someone who can feel and look at whatever shows up, from the wisdom from past experiences and see them as lessons, that work FOR YOU. And this is a gift. We will be able to do this in a much lighter way than before. Its about claiming leadership of yourself and hence your life. There is an acceptance that all this, is just part of the journey. And that even if we don’t know exactly what’s going on, we trust that it is leading our return back to LOVE. And from here we branch out to communicate from this new way of spiritual adulthood, with ourselves and others. Reclaim creative self expression.

The need to express yourself. Communication. Sharing  information. Observing others. learning from past mistakes, being grounded. 

Anxiety may be prevalent, which comes from a hyperactive mind, going back and froth between past and future scenarios, this energy will propell you to find your ground in the present moment. This will calm your mind so you can fall back into your true self. And from here observe the world around you. as you go deeper into your body, you silence the mind and can go deeper into your own Self. From this space you are able to set the intentions for the New Moon. Using this charisma not to fulfill ego purposes, but with humility and gratitude accept the lesson from masters of all walks of life and their service to your own wisdom.

This is quite a bumpy ride, but you know, you must walk through it, with absolute trust that all is working for your highest good.   

So with so much rational energy vibrating throughout this week and with the moon in gemini the new moon, restlessness, mental hyperactivity, trying to rationale emotions instead of feelings, sleeplessness, anxiety are all coming up. 

Before performing any sort of ritual, these practices will help you feel your body and will help ease the anxious mind:

1. Yoga

2.Sensory Mediation - cable gazing, observe the waves, walk barefoot in the grass 

3. Practice Presence - this is the practice of feeling your body in order to drop the mind, and fall deeper into the Present Moment. 

4. Journaling - freehand writing at night before going to sleep

5. Essential oils - frankincense, rose, lavender, Siberian fir, bergamot you may diffuse them or rub them in your temples and your chest, these help process difficult emotions and help relieve your anxiety. 

6. Guided Mediation -at least 10 minutes

7. A swim in the ocean. 

8. Attitude of Gratitude 

On new moon day, write down what you wish your new life to look like. Write your new intentions, you are about to write not a new chapter, but a new book. Blank page, completely new from the old story. So be creative, have fun with your intentions, and most of all do it from Love. 

This is all in preparation for the eclipses that are coming up next month. So use this energy to cleanse, let go, feel, grow and go through the initiation into spiritual adulthood. And plant the seeds of intention on this new moon  not from the rantings of your mind, but from the whispers of your heart.

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